Holiday Food

I recently went on a trip to Le Hague in Holland as my boyfriend's family have a flat there so it was a perfect opportunity to visit. His mum drove us from England, going via Veurne where we paused for a lunch. I had the white asparagus (which was everywhere in Belgium) with salmon and the smoothest mashed potato. It was surprisingly light and refreshing and a perfect short stop before continuing on to Le Hague.

My boyfriend chose a salad thinking it was the 'light' option, but turned out to be the largest salad with goats cheese wrapped in ham and melon. 

When we arrived the Le Hague, we visited a pub that served loads of different varieties of beer. Not being a fan of beer, I went with the peach fruit version, which was sweet but not too sugary. I also tried the strawberry in the same brand, but that felt slightly too sweet.

As a snack when we got back, we had a cheese platter, with bread and crackers.

The next day we visited a fish stall which we were recommended, to try some Herring. I was surprised that the fish was served raw, but it was really tasty. 

We went to a bagel shop and although we didn't fancy food, I has a delicious hot chocolate. Frothy milk with chocolate chips in the bottom, ready to stir together, was just heavenly.

For a treat, we had a piece of classic Philidelpia cheesecake. I love cheesecake, and although this was delicious, I found this one a little too heavy going for me. Luckily we were sharing it as it would have been a shame to waste this tasty piece.

I can't go without mentioning the cheese in Holland. There seems to be a brand of cheese shop which are supplied the same cheese, and in some cases are situated within meters from each other. I couldn't leave without buying some 'Old Amsterdam' which is strong and creamy.

In Amsterdam, we visited the Pancake Bakery, which we saw in a guide and thought it would be worth a visit. Pete had onion bacon and cheese, and the portion sizes were huge.

We tried an Indonesian restaurant in Le Hague, as it was interesting to learn that it is something the dutch are very good at. As this was my first time having Indonesian, we went for the taster menu, allowing us to try a wide variety of different foods. It was nice to try the peanut satay sauce, which felt heavier, combined with a lighter coconut sauce. We went for the least spicy option, and for me, that was just right.

We had a day trip in Delft, were we found a lovely little bakery that sold the best cheese straws. I am a massive fan of strong cheese and normally cheese straws are made quite mild, but this was deliciously strong.

It's a shame to be back in England, but the best thing is all the food I managed to bring back! Bring on more cheese!


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