Ilumi - Kerala Chicken Curry

I recently received a Kerala Chicken Curry from Ilumi through the post to try out and thought I would write a little review. I have to admit, even the idea of a curry arriving through the post and not needing to be refrigerated made me a little skeptical.

The curry was described as 'Marinated chicken in a mild and creamy southern Indian curry sauce made with coconut milk and aromatic ground and roasted spices' which sounded perfect for me as I am not big on really spicy food.
The cooking instructions were clear and simple, only taking two minutes in the microwave. When I poured it from the packet onto my plate, it stuck me how much sauce you received, and surprised me that the chicken was in one piece! I thought the sauce was a little watery in texture, but this may have been highlighted with the fact I didn't serve it with rice, but with cauliflower and broccoli.
The sauce itself was very tasty, with a lovely coconut flavour coming through and not too much spice. I think some people might want to add more heat, as for me, I thought it was on par with something like a korma.
The portion size was great with a unusually generous serving of meat and the fresh colourful branding needs a mention. 
All foods from Ilumi are nut-, gluten- and milk-free foods and have an options for vegans and vegetarians. I can't vouch for all the products, but I would recommend the Kerala Chicken Curry if you are after a quick tasty meal. Check out their website for more information.


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