Stuffed Aubergine

I had some mozarella to use up (it was past it's sell by but tasted fine) and recently bought an aubergine at Asda for 50p so thought I would put them together. I saw this recipe on bbc, and thought it looked yummy so made it work for me.
I halfed an aubergine length ways and grilled in on both sides for 10 mins.
Meanwhile I combined mozzarella, red onion, marinated red peppers, basil and lemon juice.
I then scooped out some of the flesh on the aubergine, mixed with the other ingredients and popped in back into the shell ready to grill for another 5/10 mins.

I served with cous cous and the remainder of the filler.

I then used the rest of the aubergine for a curry. Yum.


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