Danio Review

Danio yogurts are 'a new range of super thick, super tasty yogurts. And with six mouth
watering flavours, 0% fat and regular options there's something of everyone to enjoy'
Danio is free from artificial flavours and artificial preservatives, is suitable for veggies and currently comes in strawberry, blueberry, peach, cherry, raspberry and passionfruit.

I had a voucher for a free Danio yogurt and thought I would try the Strawberry one. The smaller stores around London don't seem to stock the yogurts, or only in a few flavours, which is a shame but I believe larger stores have more of a variety.

Unfortunately, my yogurt fell over in the bag which meant it was a little wonky, but just scooping it out on the spoon, you can see how thick the yogurt is. It is made with double the amount of milk to give the luxurious texture, making it feel like a treat when it isn't!
Overall, I think this is a great product, and am looking forward to trying the other flavours.


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