Mince is one of those great ingredients that you can batch cook and make many meals out of. I am not the biggest red meat eater, but when covered in a generous amount of sauce, I enjoy it. As usual, I always make mince into a plain tomato sauce to start, enjoying serving it as classic spaghetti bolognese.
The next meal I made from the bolognese was a version of shepards pie. I added a few more peas and carrots to the mix, and topped with some sliced boiled potatoes and cheese. You could easily do a mash to go on top of this, but I was in a hurry and this work just as well.

I also made a chilli. I added cumin and chilli beans to the mix, and decided to serve them in Pitta which I got free with a voucher at Asda. I filled them with cabbage, peppers and sweetcorn to accompany the chilli. Delicious if not a little messy.

Of course, you could make the sauce and add it to rice which I sometimes do. Other ideas for future include a lasagne, a topping for jacket potatoes, stuffed in peppers, or simply pour over cooked pasta and bake it.
What other meals could you make?


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