WIAW Lunchbox Salads.

Yay the sun has come out! I love it when it gets warmer and doesn't feel silly to be eating salads. Here is what I ate on Monday (at work...with the pet fish)
For breakfast, I had bran flakes mixed with homemade granola and a banana.
Mid-morning, I enjoyed a strawberry and raspberry infusion tea from M&S. This smells and tastes soooo good. And a little hello to out work fish, Ease. 

For lunch, I enjoyed a colourful tuna salad with cous cous, radish, celery, carrot and my favourite...sweetcorn. Perfect for the warm weather.
I had a snack of an apple, and a Choco fruit bar which I picked up when I visited Holland.

For dinner, I  found some Cheese and Ham tortellini from the freezer and made a quick tomato sauce with some leftover passata. I served it with some broccoli and red peppers and topped with home-grown basil.


  1. Your tuna salad looks delicious and so beautiful.. almost too beautiful to actually eat, Ha Ha!

  2. I don't like anything other than fresh tuna (and oddly, tuna pot pie), but that colorful tuna salad has me salivating. :)


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