Another Wednesday! They come round so quickly..though are my eats from Monday.

It has been another warm one here in London, which meant last night I was out til late at a roof top party snacking on hummus and carrots til late at night. I therefore wasn't hungry in the morning so had breakfast at work (very unusual for me). Luckily in the cupboard I had a graze box leftover which was the walnut and pecan porridge. This made me overheat but was yummy, especially as it included a small amount of honey to stir in. I obviously topped it with a banana as I cannot make it through the day without one!
Lunch was a nice salad affair with sesame rye bread (although they were Aldi ones which were very nice and a lot cheaper than others) I had it with market cherry tomatoes, discounted cucumber (7p), cream cheese and leftover homemade hummus.
I had some excess tomatoes and cucumbers which I later snacked on as well as a banana. I know the banana looks a little black and spotty, but they are the tastiest time to eat them and have loads of flavour.
For dinner, I had some leftover mince made into chilli, stuffed in Pitta bread with extra tomatoes, peppers and sweetcorn. Delicious and messy.
Thanks to Peas and Crayons for hosting.


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