East St

I recently visited East St restaurant with a friend and came out impressed and planning another visit. Being located just off Oxford Street, it was a perfectly located for dinner, and although we weren't planning on going there, the varied menu and interesting atmosphere enticed us. The branding was interesting, with fun facts, canteen style decor and postcards scattered around.

We ordered some prawn crackers to nibble on, which were standard and tasty, but a surprisingly large bowl.
 I ordered Singapore noodles, which came with chicken and prawns. My friend ordered a udon noodle dish with Oysters, Calamari and prawns.

The food was fresh and delicious with plently of protein. The seafood was freshly cooked and melted in your mouth. The portion sizes were great for the prices and service was very quick.

Although I thoroughly enjoyed my meal, I couldn't help having food envy of the people around us. I think it is always a good sign when you wish you were hungry enough to try another dish after the one you just finished! With the bill, came a 'passport' where if you had a main from 5 different countries, you could have your sixth country free...a great way to encourage people to try new food (and to revisit)

I am already looking forward to another visit to East St and would recommend it for a relaxed dining experience.


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