Things to do with courgettes.

I recently went to a local market and found courgettes for super cheap so snapped up the bargain. I then had to think of ways of using them up without boring myself. Here are some ideas for using up your courgettes.

Firstly, and maybe the obvious one, you can had it boiled as a side. It is great with most things and quick and easy to prepare.

Secondly, you could make some veggie skewers and BBQ the courgettes.

Courgettes are also great in curry. Here, I had a tikka curry with okra, chicken served with sweet potato.

 They can also be used in salad. I use a potato peeler and make long lengths. It not only tastes great, but adds colour and texture.

Another fab way and easy way of eating courgettes are to cut them up small and put them on pizza bases.

And also...Courgetti. Inspired by Nigel Slater, you peel the courgette and fry it, and use it as if it were spaghetti. A nice and healthy alternative to pasta.

If you have a larger courgette, or even a marrow, you could also stuff it with vegetables, sausage, cheese or anything you fancy.
Courgettes are quite versatile and it is great experimenting with things you can do with them. What are your favourite recipes?


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