WIAW Bank Holiday

I just love having a bank holiday weekend...with a bonus day off work. What I Ate Wednesday is actually a what I ate Monday, which happened to be the bank holiday. This means that I was able to meet up with a friend whilst driving back from my parents house.

My breakfast came in the form of cereal with a banana. It was a mix of bran flakes and home-made granola (recycled photo)

For Lunch, I went to my friend's house, where she created an amazing platter of meats, cheeses, tomatoes and bread. We sat outside to enjoy the food, but were joined by some pesky wasps (hence the appearance of a fly squatter in the second photo)

This kept me going all the way til tea time, though I started to get a little tummy ache, therefore went for a soup option. It was chicken soup with added Marrow, as my granddad gave me a huuugge one that only just fits in the fridge!

I don't feel like I ate that much today, but then I did indulge in a lot for lunch and therefore didn't need to snack. Also, the tummy ache has turned into a horrible bug which means I am off work sick for a bit. Soup is my go-to food when I am ill, though I have recently found bananas are pretty good at making you feel better as well. What do you normally eat when you are ill?

Thanks to Peas and Crayons for hosting.


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