WIAW Cheap snacking edition

Keeping this one short and sweet...
For breakfast, I had homemade fruit bread with butter...
For a snack, I had some fruit and nut.
For lunch, I had a spinach, tomato and pesto sandwich made with homemade bread. And for a little snack, I had a wallace a gromit cheese bite (found in a pack of 6 at Asda reduced to 10p)
For a snack I had a muller yogurt, another 10p find in Asda.

 Home-made turkey meatballs with spaghetti. Nice healthy version.


  1. Those turkey meatballs look AMAZING! Every time I try to make turkey meatballs, they turn out dry. What's your secret?

    1. Thanks! This was actually my first time making them, but they weren't dry at all. I baked them in the oven first to make sure they didn't fall apart as I didn't put egg in them. How do you normally make yours?

    2. I actually make meatless balls but to keep them moist i always add super finely chopped mushrooms and grated onion with the juice using a veggie grater, both give off a lot of moisture.


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