WIAW Market Bargains

I went to my parents at the weekend and managed to pick up a few bargains as well as a visiting the local market for some tasty food. The market food is so fresh and seems to last a lot longer than supermarket vegetables. Here is how I used my finds in my daily eats.
Fore breakfast I had a market banana and peanut butter on seed sensation bread. The banana was super tasty and they were 10 for £1. Luckily my sister wanted to share with as otherwise I might have had to bake with them!

For lunch I had a ham and lentil vegetable soup I found from Waitrose for 60p. I ate it with some Aldi crackers which I realise I am not the biggest fan of. Next time I will choose a nice bread!

Flat peaches are my new favourite fruit. I tried them for the first time at the weekend after finding 5 for £1 at the market, and they are super delicious but very messy to eat!

For another snack, I had a blueberry yogurt topped with market blueberries and grapes. I think I prefer this flavour to the Strawberry one I first tried. Yum

For dinner I had to use up some courgette (10 for £1 at the market was too good to miss). I saw a recipe on BBC food for courgette pasta and thought I would give it a try. I had already made red pesto which I used instead of homemade, but loved the idea of strips of courgette as pasta. To make it a little more filling, I topped it with a makerel piece.
Thanks to Peas and Crayons for hosting


  1. I adore mackerel but sometimes when I cook it, it's just far too fishy, however, I still love it. LOL - So healthy!

    1. Yeah this was the first time I had cooked it myself and it was delicious!


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