WIAW Whatever's left

I haven't been at home for the last four weekends, which means I haven't had the chance to do the kind of shop I like. I have therefore been raiding the cupboards. Here is what I found to eat...

Bran flakes with Oat Milk (yummy) and banana. This was the first time I had tried oat milk and found it great with cereal though it was only when I tried a little sip of it that I realised just how tasty it was. I bet it tastes amazing with porridge.
At work, we went for a lunchtime run and although it was the last thing I wanted, I had soup with a couple of slices of bread. It filled the gap though!
After the soup, I was really craving something sweet. To stop me going out and buying chocolate, I had a fruit tea which did the trick.
For dinner, I had salmon which I have frozen a couple of weeks before, topped with pesto. I have also discovered how amazing it is to freeze your own broccoli so you always have veggies when you haven't been to the shops for a while. I served the salmon with courgette, broccoli and carrot mash.


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