Breakfast bars

One of my favourite things to snack on are breakfast bars. Unfortunately they are quite expensive and can be full of sugar. After reading lots of posts on these kind of things, I have made many versions of the breakfast bar myself and all of them have been super tasty.

I realised that there are a few main things you have to include to make them tasty, these are mashed bananas (nice and ripe), oats, nuts, cinnamon and vanilla essence. Each time I do something different I alter the amount I put in of each, but as long as they are a fairly sticky but thick consistency before you bake them, you can't really go wrong.

With my latest batch, I broke up the nuts in my Omniblend, then blitzed it with the bananas. It was super quick and easy to do and was really quick to rinse out. Much better than finding bits of nut all over the place days later!!


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