Recent Eats

With the warmer weather, comes my craving for more carb loaded food. And although eating pasta or potatoes keeps me warm and full, it can also make me feel a little lethargic and leaves me needing more veggies or fruit.
Here is what I have been eating, trying to satisfy my cravings and keeping it healthy.

First up was a roast dinner with yorkshires.
Vegetable Lasagne with ham and spinach

Chicken noodle soup with lots of veg (with leftover roast chicken)
 Chicken Risotto with spinach and broccoli (with leftover roast chicken)
Jacket Potato with homemade bbq beans
 Spag Bol
 Broccoli gnocchi with creamy mustard sauce, leeks and broccoli
 Pasta with spinach, tomatoes and red pepper
Calves liver in gravy with vegetables
 Chorizo rice with tomatoes and spinach



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