Boxing Day Lunch

For boxing day, my parents have my grandparents over along with my sister, her husband and child. We tend to serve up a nibbly cold lunch with a few hot canapes.
This includes a traditional salad with mixed lettuce leaves.
I made a selection of pastry and cheese goodies. Leek and ham creme fraiche pies, turkey cranberry pies, brie and cranberry puff pies and Stilton turkey filo puffs.
 Served with some beetroot salad, grated cheese, potato salad with chives and coleslaw.
 Mum made an amazing ham and cheese quiche.
 while I tried devilled eggs which were delicious.
 And of course, we had leftover cold gammon and turkey alongside stuffing.
 I had read a blog which had a recipe of sprout, apple walnut and cranberry salad and since I have only just realised I like sprouts, I am trying them many different ways. This was great and a lovely alternative to normal salad.
 We did some jacket potatoes while I made myself a sweet potato (not a favourite in my family)
 And tasty croutons to top it all off.


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