Easy Leftover Ham Pasta

This is the easiest pasta dish which can incorporate loads of leftovers from any roast or Christmas Dinner.I had bought some ham from the reduced section of Tesco, and as it was from their fresh section, I didn't realise it was the end of a ham, therefore not in thin slices. Whilst I was initially disappointing, it was the perfect pasta accompaniment.

Ingredients (for one)
70g Pasta of your choice
Chicken Stock
Handful of cooked ham
Your choice of veg (frozen or cooked)
Tablespoon wholegrain mustard
Tablespoon yogurt
Salt and Pepper
Strong cheese

1. Boil your pasta in a quarter of a stock cube
2. Add any frozen veg (if using)
3. Drain pasta and return to pan
4. Add salt and pepper, the mustard, yogurt, ham (and cooked veg if you have any)
5. Stir through until heated and top with a little strong cheese
6. Enjoy!


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