Recent December Eats

It has been a while since I have done one of these, and what I eat does tend to change to the season. Here are some meals that I have been enjoying. 

After trying 'pizza' made from Tortilla wraps, I found some reduced flat breads and thought I would give them a try. The fact that they are slightly thicker was great, but the edge turned a little too crispy. 

I also tried making a curry from scratch. I am a novice when it comes to Indian food, so I thought I would start out by following a recipe pretty much to the exact amounts they suggest but swapping a few veggies around. It worked out quite well but I feel I still need to experiment more before getting it perfect.

Another great meal I had was cooked by my boyfriend. His speciality is stuffed chicken and it always comes out well. This time, he put a bit of chorizo in the middle and wrapped in bacon while serving it with cauliflower rice (made in my Omniblend machine) and greens.

And of course, as it is december we had a turkey roast dinner. I found a turkey breast from Tesco in the reduced section, and therefore under £2. It served both of us and had plenty of leftover for other meals.

 One of the things we made with the leftover turkey was a simple stir fry. The turkey was still super moist (amazing) and we put it with veg and created a soy sauce egg sauce topped with sesame seeds. Inspired by wagamama Yaki Soba, this is always a tasty combo and super easy.

One evening after work, we went to see War Horse (amazing show with stunning puppetry) which meant I ended up getting home quite late. I needed something to eat quickly that was quite light before going to bed and opted for a tomato and egg concoction. I fried off some tomatoes, onion and kale then popped an egg in the middle and put it under the grill to finish. Although this was a super quick meal, it was tasty and something I would make again.

 For a quick lunch one day before driving back, I had a quick snack of cooked kale, tomatoes, olives and topped with a garlic and chilli sauce I had. It was really simple but effective!

And of course, we can't have december without mince pies. I had picked up some mincemeat a few weeks back but never got round to using it. I made up a quick pastry and used my Lakeland tart tins (I don't have small bin tins) to create a mince pie-tart. It was really yummy and a perfect Christmas snack.

Hope you are having a lovely December and getting excited for the fast approaching Christmas holidays.


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