Ways with Tortilla wraps

I love thinking of new things to do with ingredients, and one thing I have been playing with recently are tortilla wraps. I often find myself wanting a wrap, and rather than spending money in a cafe on one, I buy the ingredients to make my own. Once I have eaten a couple of them, I then become a little bored, so it has been my mission to find new things to do with it. Here are some ideas using up your wraps.
We made some turkey meatballs, and with leftover salad, popped them and wrapped them up. It kind of reminded me of dishes they have in Mexican food without the spices.

This is one of the wraps I made, using up fresh spinach and red peppers along with reduced chicken slices. These were some slightly seeded wraps that I found reduced in Waitrose.

Another wrap  I had for lunch included some mayo, spinach, red pepper and cheese.
Another great meal idea included lots of leftovers which you might have in your fridge or freezer. I had some spag bol mix in the freezer from a previous meal, which I defrosted, added some kidney beans and a few spices to make into chilli. We then put it into the tortilla wrap which spinach, carrot and sweetcorn before attempting to wrap it up (we failed this time and made a huge mess :D )

This was a meal I had at my parents. They were making some chicken tomato bake, and I fancied it with a wrap I found hiding in their cupboard.

And lastly, my most favourite way of using tortilla wraps, are to make pizzas out of them. They provide a quick and easy base while being healthy and lighter than the traditional dough. All you need to do it to squirt a but of tomato puree (and some pesto if you fancy it), top with any leftovers you have in the fridge before topping it with cheese and popping it in the oven.

Hope this has inspired you to make some interesting and cheap meals using tortilla wraps.


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