WIAW- Christmas Day

Merry Christmas everyone! Hope everyone is enjoying themselves. I have had a great day. Rather than looking back at a previous day for WIAW, I had to show you the yummy food I traditionally have for Christmas dinner.
Of course, for breakfast we always have a lovely basket of croissants. This time they came from Waitrose and featured plain butter criossants, chocolate and pain aux raisin. Served with Tropicana orange juice and fresh coffee (for my parents).

For our lunch we had the usual works served with a lovely bubbly white wine given to my dad for Christmas. It had lovely undertones of watermelon although I am not a wine expert, felt a good choice for our turkey dinner.
 For starter, dad made his usual prawn cocktail, the only thing which he feels he can make! Expert chef skills!

The turkey filled the house with an amazing smell that instantly made me hungry. We covered it in streaky bacon, and it was deliciouly moist.

We had a great selection of veg to go with the roast. Sides included roast parsnips, chipolatas wrapped in bacon, sprouts, peas broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots.
Also we had some great stuffing and bread sauce.

 Hope you have all had a lovely Christmas.


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