WIAW Christmas Shopping

It is that time of year when I seem to spend most of my time shopping. I am not really complaining, it is great to buy gifts for people when you know what they want...(and pick a few pieces up for yourself). On Monday, I went with my grandpa shopping for a few bits for my mum and nan so I prepared myself with the usual banana and peanut butter on a bagel.

We had a little coffee stop when we got there, where I had a piece of banana bread (forgot to take a photo) and a cup of tea.
Then we went to a lovely little cafe called The Nutmeg Tree, which is a traditional place, where the waitresses wear aprons and tea is made with tea leaves. 

I had the best scrambled egg with smoked salmon. It was nice to be given the choice to have white or granary bread and the eggs were cooked perfectly for me. It came with a generous amount of salmon and kept me full for the afternoon of pressie hunting!

So for tea, I wasn't particularly hungry therefore I went with a mix of vegetables and leftover chicken from the previous nights roast dinner. It doesn't look particularly appetizing, but with a unplanned dollop of pesto, it was delicious.

Thanks to Peas and Crayons for hosting


  1. i'm about to comment on the smallest thing ever - those scrambled eggs look AMAZING. i am so picky about scrambled eggs, and i hate it when they get brown. those look like they were the creamiest ever. :) happy what i ate wednesday!

    1. I am picky as well, which was why I was so pleased when they came out perfectly creamy. It's the worst when you know they have been sitting around keeping warm for a while as well....

  2. That tea shop sounds like a wonderful place during the holidays! Or maybe any time :)


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