2014 WIAW 01

Welcome to the first What I Ate Wednesday of 2014! My first one is a bit indulgent on the evening meal after finding a great deal for Zizzi that we couldn't resist.
My day started with a whole of fruit and nut bran flakes with a banana....something other than peanut butter for once! Though this was nice, it didn't keep me as full as my regular breakfast.
For lunch, I had a vegetable soup (unpictured...sorry) and then a satsuma for an afternoon snack.

Then came the Zizzi meal at a waterfront location with a very nautical theme.

I chose the meaty calzone, which had spicy chicken and meatballs with mushrooms (though I picked those out). There was a nice kick to the filling and was a very generous size!

My boyfriend had the rustica pizza which had chicken pepperoni and chilli on. We ended up going half and half, and actually I really enjoyed the crispiness of the rustica pizza.

My favourite part. This was new to the menu, a dark chocolate mousse with hazelnut and amoretti biscuit. I thought this was going to be quite bitter, but it was delicious and was the winner of the evening.

Hopefully my meals will get a healthier as the year goes on, but never mind! I love a treat and we ended up walking nearly three miles home instead of taking the train which made me feel less bloated and uncomfortable.

Thanks to Peas and Crayons for hosting.


  1. Yum! Your dinner looks delicious! I say it's perfectly fine to indulge a little when it's balanced out by otherwise healthy eats.

    ~Dana, consciouskitchenblog.com

    1. Thanks Dana. I agree you have to treat yourself but after this I craved veggies!

  2. That dessert! oh.my.gosh. That looks soooo amazing!!

    1. It was the highlight for sure, though it was a tough decision between this and banana chocolate calzone!


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