2014 WIAW 02

It is becoming a very busy week at work this week as everyone is starting back properly at work, but somehow I have managed to fit in another meet-up with a friend from Uni. We manage to meet once every couple of months and enjoy going to grab some food. This time, I found a voucher for East Street Restaurant for 40% off so couldn't resist. I realise I went out for a meal last week but I promise...I don't do it every Tuesday. Here is what I ate during the day.
I started off with my forever favourite, toast, peanut butter and banana. This keeps me full for so long, it is perfect for a busy day at work.
For lunch I had the second half of a reduced soup I found at Waitrose. It was Lemon Rasam, a delicious lemony vegetable chicken soup, which I found at the bargain price of 19p!
I had a small snack of a clementine to make sure I was hungry for dinner.
 So for dinner, I had a Chicken Adobo. It's a dish from the Phillipines which is like a chicken stew, served with Jasmine rice, sweet potato chips and steamed broccoli. I won't lie...the Broccoli is what made me choose the dish, and it was a good guide. A little too much rice for my belly but a great meal!

Thanks to Peas and Crayons for hosting.


  1. Peanut butter toast and a banana are perfection. And your dinner looks amazing! Yum!

    1. It really is. Actually peanut butter with anything is a winner in my book!


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