A New Year...A New Resolution

Happy new year everyone. Hope everyone has had a great 2013 and looking forward to an even better 2014. I always like to make resolutions for the new year, but rather than giving something up or thinking of something I already know I will fail at, I like to come up with realistic ideas that I can benefit from.
Last year I took a photo of my main meal everyday and am glad that I succeeded. It was great to see how this challenge actually effected the way I ate. Rather than taking a photo of the same food every week, or grabbing myself a quick meal of beans on toast, I became more inventive with my food and began trying new foods.
I considered continuing this on for 2014, but wanted to give myself something new to try. I received quite a few lovely cook books for Christmas and so have thought of a way to utilise them. Normally, I read them from cover to cover and come up with new ideas for meals, but not actually follow them. However, this year I want to try a new recipe (perhaps with a few alterations) each week. It will help me widen my repertoire of meals I know how to cook and vary the food we eat.

So on my relaxing day after a great new year's eve, I will be making a list of the recipes to try and trying to fit them around the meals I will normally be making to avoid buying ingredients which would result in an expensive dinner! Recipes normally are written for four people, and therefore we can adapt them to make it suitable for lunch leftovers to also help bring the cost down.
I look forward to my new challenge....what's yours?


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