Recipe Wk01 Jamie Oliver's Piri Piri Chicken

So this is the start of my new year's resolution and we are starting with a recipe from Jamie Oliver's 30 minute meal book. I saw that we had most of the ingredients so thought it would be a good one to start with. Amazingly, I have never tried Piri Piri chicken before so didn't really have anything to compare it to, but all I know was that it was good!
Here is a link to the recipe, and you may be able to find the TV programme available on 4od.

I really like the way the potatoes are cooked, and even though it was in the microwave and doesn't necessarily seem like 'real' cooking, it was super quick and with the lemon being placed in the same bowl, it gave a nice aroma to the potatoes. This technique will definitely be something I will carry on to my own everyday cooking.

As I didn't do the Custard Tarts, the recipe was sometimes a little confusing to follow and there were a few odd sections with the chicken and peppers that I wasn't sure entirely what to do, but I had expected this after seeing other reviews saying the same.

The sauce for the chicken was really easy and despite putting in two Chillis, it wasn't too hot for my sensitive palette, though I did seem to make it a little too watery. As I have an Omniblend blender, the sauce was really quick and easy to make, and the washing up was not as bad as I expected...I did however have loads of 'chopping up' mess.

Overall, I did enjoy this recipe, but next time, I wouldn't put quite as much water in the sauce as I felt it was a little too much. I loved the potatoes so that was a big hit for me. It was great to try something different and learning new techniques to cooking to am already looking forward to the next recipe.


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