WIAW Wk 04

This week has been a much better week and I have been able to enjoy cooking rather than just rushing something when I get in from work. I have really been getting into cooking from recipes as well, and I realised as long as you do your research, you can do them more frequently without having to buy more ingredients. Obviously this means having a good stock in your cupboards, with plenty of herbs and spices and basic pastas, grains and potatoes. I have found that with most recipes, you can substitute the vegetables for anything you have available so I have not been put off by not having the exact ingredients.

Anyway, here is what I ate on Monday. I started my day with the usual peanut butter and banana, but this time with a wholemeal bagel. This kept me nice and full until lunchtime.
For lunch, I had salad, using up any leftovers we had in the fridge. So I made grated cheese and beetroot with celery and potato salad.
 For a snack I had an apple and satsuma as well as a few last grapes. (unpictured)

For dinner, I really fancied fish of some kind and came across this recipe from Jamie Oliver. I had all the ingredients it needed, aside from swapping up the fish) so gave it a whirl. Although it took a while in the oven (well long for a weekday), it was simple to make, without having to whip up a white sauce of any kind. I swapped a bit of potato with parsnip topping as well which made it even healthier. Served with kale and peas, this was a delicious meal, and something I will definitely make again.

Thanks to Peas and Crayons for hosting!


  1. Oh wow that looks like a wonderful dinner!!! Isn't it nice when you find a recipe and you have almost all of the ingredients on hand??

    1. Thanks! It's even better when the end result tastes so good as well!


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