Raffertys Breakfast

I recently met up with a couple of friends that I hadn't seen in a while at a cafe in the middle of where we all live. We decided to go to Raffertys in Sevenoaks for breakfast and tea. It was a super busy Saturday morning with a small wait for a table but were eventually placed downstairs in a cosy corner. We ordered some tea and I ordered the toasted bagel with bacon and poached egg.

It came with two eggs and two pieces of bacon and when I asked for ketchup they bought over an amazing 'bloody mary ketchup'. Although a little dubious about the vodka aspect of the sauce, it was really tasty. The bacon itself was lovely and smokey and the eggs were perfectly poached and a beautiful shade of orange.

My friends decided on the 'Fancy Pants' which was a toasted ciabatta, with bacon, rocket, vine tomatoes and chutney. I have had this once before and it was delicious.

 The one complaint I have about their breakfast was that it filled me up so much that I couldn't manage to fit one of their delicious looking cakes in!


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