Recipe 08 Jamie Oliver Smoked Haddock and Corn Chowder

Recently at Tesco, I found some reduced smoked haddock from the fresh fish counter that I have been dying to use. In Jamie Oliver's 30 minute meal recipe book, he had a smoked Haddock and Corn chowder which looked perfect. I managed to make the meal using a few substitute ingredients but it turned out perfect! I rarely feel like this, but I would be super happy if someone served me this in a restaurant! Yum.
I did a small side salad as well as suggested in the meal, but although tasty, I wouldn't necessarily have this again as I enjoyed the chowder on it's on.

4 rashers of smoked streaky bacon
A small bunch of spring onions (I used red onion)
250g red-skinned potatoes
4 corn on the cob (I used tinned sweetcorn)
1 x 300g fillet of smoked haddock, skin off and pin-boned
3 fresh bay leaves
3 sprigs of fresh thyme
1 litre organic chicken stock
150ml single cream
200g peeled cooked prawns (I took these out)
1 x 150g pack of large matzo crackers or similar (look in your supermarket)


Finely slice the bacon and put it into the saucepan with a good lug of olive oil. Stir until golden. Trim and finely slice the spring onions, add to the pan and stir. Wash the potatoes and chop into 2cm chunks. Add to the pan and mix well. Keep an eye on the pan, stirring often. Meanwhile, put a clean tea towel over a board and ruffle up the edges to catch the corn. Hold a corn cob upright on the board and run a knife gently down to the base of the kernels, all the way round. Repeat with the rest of the cobs, discarding the cores. Tip the kernels directly from the tea towel into the pan. Add the smoked haddock to the pan with 3 bay leaves and the leaves from 3 sprigs of thyme. Cover with the chicken stock, then put the lid on and cook for 12 minutes.

Add the 150ml of single cream and the peeled prawns to the chowder and stir well. Put the lid back on and turn the heat down to low. Put the matzo crackers in a pile on the table.

Take the saucepan off the heat. You can leave it coarse and chunky, or use a potato masher to mash it up a little bit and make it silky, or purée the lot – it’s up to you. I like to roughly mash one side of it, then mix it through.

The aroma from the food while it was cooking was so enticing it was hard to wait for everything to finish cooking before devouring it!

I'm quite a novice at salad dressing, but I found this delicious. I made far too much of it, but will come in useful over the next few days. Also, with it being made with low fat yogurt means the dressing was better for you.

 This was the final product, a creamy delicious smokey slightly creamy soup with crisp sweetcorn pieces. I really liked the idea of the crackers with the chowder and if I didn't have the salad, I would have been happy to have more of them with the soupy texture as it gave a nice crunch.

I would definitely recommend this recipe to any fish lovers, and I already want to make it again soon!


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