Schwarz Crispy Chicken Bite Mix Review

Recently, I managed to get my hands on a free packet of the Schwarz 2 in 1 Southern-Style Crunchy Chicken Bites with a BBQ dip. I was excited to try this as it isn't something I would normally eat and consider it more of a 'treat' meal.
Firstly, It was quite a shame that the packet is for 4 people, as it meant I would only use half of it the mix and the rest went to waste as I couldn't really keep it in tubs. Saying this, I used up the whole of the BBQ sauce so would imagine it would be quite a small amount for 4 portions. The process of how to coat the chicken was clear and easy to understand, though we managed to leave it in the oven a little too long (oops). Despite a little darkness to the outside, the flavour was really nice and the coating came out lovely and crispy. The sauce was tasty, if a little on the salty side. I combined the mixture with heinz ketchup, which I don't normally find too salty so might be worse if you were to combine with a cheaper brand.

We combined the chicken with homemade fries and lots of cabbage, spring greens and peas which I thought was a great combo.
I may consider buying this if were on offer, but with only using half the packet it might be a little waste and I do still prefer creating things from scratch rather than using a packet. I would recommend it to a small family as it is quick and easy to do, whilst I imagine a hit with the kids!


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