I had a pretty foodie weekend, with brunch and dinner with my parents, so I felt I needed more veg or fruit. These meals did help, but when work came in with a double chocolate chip cookie (unpictured)...I couldn't resist!

My day started off well with banana and peanut butter on a cinnamon and raisin muffin I found reduced at Morrisons. 

Lunch was a homemade cheese muffin (recipe coming soon) which I cut in half and served with cream cheese and cucumber which was delicious. I warmed it slightly in the microwave which made it smell amazing as well!

I also had a pear on the side. 

I also had a snack of dates and some nuts which kept me nice and full until dinner.

 For dinner was salmon with a tomatoey seasoning which I had a sampling of, served with sweet potato mash, spring greens and roasted asparagus. The salmon piece was a little small but the meal was very tasty! A perfect way to end a healthier (ish) day of eats.

Thanks to Peas and Crayons for hosting.


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