Review: Tesco Finest Pasta

I was given the opportunity to try Tesco Finest Pasta through Tesco Orchard. I was given a voucher for a free pack of their pasta and was thrilled. I had seen it on the shelves but was a little more expensive than I would normally pay. It was difficult to choose which pasta to try, but ended up choosing Fusilli Lunghi as the spiral shape was something I had never eaten before.

I loved the rustic feel of the packaging label, but I did find it hard to get into and ended up ripping it in the annoying way where you can't close and seal it well. This particular pasta is double the length of the packaging, folding back on itself in the packaging and therefore with the spiral shape, it was difficult to get a portion out of the packet.

But boy, was it worth it. It is thicker than spaghetti and felt richer in texture. Again, it was hard to separate into portions when it was cooked, but the effect of the spiral made my spaghetti appear more special on the plate. The texture went really well with the bolognese sauce and found the serving size of pasta very generous. I would say the whole packet would easily feed a family of four...and perhaps have some for leftovers as well.

The price of the pasta is quite a lot higher than most pasta you see on supermarket shelves, but this would be great for special occasions and dinner parties as it makes a simple pasta dish into something impressive. I would definitely recommend it to people who are willing to spend £2.40 for a packet.

Here is a little about the pasta

To Giuseppe Di Martino, grandson of the founder of the Di Martino company, pasta isn’t just food, it’s his passion and his way of life.

A traditional recipe …

Their pasta is made to a recipe that has barely changed in decades using 100 per cent Italian durum wheat semolina. It gives the pasta a very high (14g) protein content and keeps it al dente for longer during the cooking process.

A passion for flavour and taste …

Many pastas dry in 3 hours. But finest* pasta is left to dry for up to 30 hours to bring out the wheat’s subtle flavor.

In pursuit of perfection …

Pasta with a coarser finish helps the sauce cling to it when cooked. So, while modern pasta makers have changed their ‘die’ (the pasta shaper) to Teflon, the Di Martino family continue to use bronze ‘dies’ that scratch the pasta making it rough and perfect for cooking with.

I did get to try this product for free through the Tesco Orchard club, but my opinions are honest.


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