Today was such a tasty day of food. It may not have been the healthiest dinner, but I still got my 5 a day which I feel is important to me. I started off with peanut butter and banana on a cinnamon and raisin bagel.
 I was in a snacking mood today so I had some mixed nuts and dried fruit. This is a combination I made myself with whatever was in the cupboard, but is perfect to have on my desk for days like today.
My lunch was amazing! Our fridge freezer is starting to break so am having to eat up things to make the transition to a new one easier. In the freezer, I had some cooked sweet chilli chicken mini breasts which I put with broccoli, spinach, cucumber and celery. I had some sweet chilli sauce for dipping and it was delicious. Even my burger/Pret eating colleagues were jealous!
 For an afternoon snack, I had a tasty pear. I never used to like the texture of pears but they are rapidly becoming a favourite of mine!

 Dinner was another concotion of things that were in the freezer. I had some lovely sub rolls and sausages which I put together to make a sort-of hot dog. We enjoyed it with spinach and cooked red onions with BBQ sauce. We also started using up any frozen veg we have as well which made for a rather healthy side!

Looking back on the photos, my afternoon was quite green...but that can't be bad!
Thanks to Peas and Crayons for hosting.


  1. Mmmmm your food looks amazing! I'm a huge fan of leftovers as well. I don't understand people who "don't do leftovers!"

    1. I know! Leftovers are a perfect way to have a cheap lunch as well!

  2. I love green veggies. I have been actually craving broccoli like it's nobody's business lately!

    1. Me too! Broccoli is amazing and have just discovered how great it is in salads!


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