It was such a lovely weekend this week, and it felt like spring had actually sprung, but it slowly getting colder again, and I am wrapped up on the sofa writing this post. So before my hands get to cold, here is what I ate Tuesday.
I started with brand flakes and banana with skimmed milk. Not peanut butter! I was wanting to try something different, but it really didn't keep me full for long enough and ended up snacking on some naughty biscuits at work.

For lunch, I used up some things that were in my fridge and ended up making this yummy salad. It had s baked sweet potato, spinach, cucumber, olives, sweetcorn and ham.

 I snacked on an apple for my journey home.
 And for dinner, I had leftovers. I had some mince leftover in my fridge to which I added some red pepper and sweetcorn and put in with a baked sweet potato. I had some random veg on the side from our freezer and our fridge freezer is broken and it needed to be used up.
 FYI, Sprouts tasted a little odd with the bolognese, sweet potato combination, but at least it was healthy!
What did you have this week. Can you live without peanut butter for a day? I know that I am going straight back to having it for breakfast.

Thanks to Peas and Crayons for hosting.

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