I had a bit of a heavy weekend so this What I Ate Wednesday is fruit galore to try and make me feel human again! I started out with my normal breakfast...it was a nice break from constant fry-ups.
I had a snack of the Cherry Yu! jus fruits, which stopped my sweet craving and kept me going through to lunch.
 For lunch, I finished up anything that was left in the fridge, which included spring onions, tomato and cucumber, with pitta and salad cream. Random but actually very tasty.
One of my snacks were a fruit pot, which I found reduced in Sainsburys. I love these ones, as they don't have any melon in which I dislike. I also had an extra pear as lunch wasn't very filling.
For dinner, I made some smoked mackerel fishcakes. They were one of my recipe a week challenges which I served with lots of veggies. (Recipe will be up soon)

Thanks to Peas and Crayons for hosting.


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