WIAW 16 Love Asparagus

My (Monday) morning started off very sleepy with the prospect of actually having to work my first five day week in a month. I was just getting used to the three day weekends and having more time to experiment with breakfasts, but I feel I don't always have enough time to do with when I have to get to work.
So despite trying new things to brekkie, my morning started the same way it always does on a weekday. Peanut butter with banana on toast.

 Lunch was kind of strange. I had some vouchers to use up in John Lewis cafe for a free cake and hot drink. Luckily I work just along the road from John Lewis so went there for lunch. I didn't fancy anything sweet to eat, so the only option was a cheese scone which proved very yummy. I had it with a hot chocolate as it is something I rarely drink otherwise and was a nice treat.

I also snacked on some mozzarella and casalinga tomatoes that guests bought to our dinner party at the weekend but didn't get eaten.

I also had a handful of grapes (which I forgot to photo)
I was really craving my veggies by the time I got home so made myself a passive plate of spring vegetable pasta. I cooked up some onion, leftover asparagus, green beans, peas and spinach, made a sauce with lemon and philadelphia and served it with broccoli on the side. 
It was the first time I had tried this heart pasta which I was given in a christmas hamper and I didn't realise the red heart were chilli. It gave a few mouthfuls a bit of a kick but was really good.
Thanks again to peas and crayons for hosting


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