I missed last week's What I Ate Wednesday due to being so busy at work that I just forgot to take the photos. But I am back on track and am currently enjoying the warm weather and colder food!
My breakfast was the usual peanut butter with banana on two slices of toast. I recently purchased the Asda basics peanut butter and it is horrible! It is bitter, as if the peanuts were burnt in the roasting process, and although it is meant to be chunky, it is far to bitty for my liking. Not something I would recommend. Must go get myself some own brand from Morrisons or Tesco.

For a snack throughout the day, I munched on a pear and a really tasty orange. I got 4 of them from Morrisons for 25p and they are the best I have ever tried. Super Juicy and super sweet. Delicious.
For lunch, I had some bargain finds from Waitrose. There was a half marathon in my home town which cut off the traffic to the local Waitrose store, therefore there were loads of bargains. I managed to get a piece of Salmon and Watercress quiche (double the size pictured) for 22p, 5 slices of ham for 12p, and a massive pot of sun dried tomatoes with mozzarella for 18p. That was my lunch sorted and it was delicious!

I got back from work quite late so had a 'cheat' dinner of a fishcake. This was a yummy one that I managed to get for 50p (for two) from asda and had a delicious creamy filling. I added cabbage, broccoli, peas and carrots for a healthy extra.

Aside from my disappointing peanut butter breakfast, this was a great day of food. I don't really enjoy eating later at night but I didn't really have a choice, however means I didn't have an evening snack.
Thanks to Peas and Crayons for hosting.


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