It's another week, which means another insight into the food that I eat. As always, breakfast was banana and peanut butter on two slices of toast. One day last week, I tried just having cereal and banana, but I was starving the whole morning.
For lunch, I had a piece of my sun-dried tomato scone with butter, ham and salad. It was something that I can take to work easily. I just put everything into a lunchbox as it is, then cut it up with work knives so it is all fresh and nothing gets soggy.
For an afternoon snack, I had some yogurt coated raspberries that were sent to me from Yu. They were super delicious and when I have tried more varieties, I will doing a little review on them so keep your eyes peeled!

I also had an orange and a pear.
For dinner, I tried steak again, as I had never previously liked it. Unfortunately I'm still not a fan so my boyfriend had two pieces. I enjoyed the sweet potato mash, cabbage, beans and onion gravy though!

As always, thanks to Peas and Crayons for hosting


  1. All your meals look great - especially your lunch. Did you happen to share the scone recipe?

    1. Thanks! You can find it here http://lisalovesleftovers.blogspot.co.uk/2014/04/recipe-12-sun-dried-tomato-basil-and.html

  2. Savory scone - I like it! Peanut butter banana toast is my favorite. Nothing better! I'm not a fan of steak either - finally I've found someone that won't think I'm crazy!

    1. haha I know...I get some odd look from my work mates when we go for steak and I order chicken! Sounds like we have similar tastes!


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