Caffeina Coffee Shop, Tower Hill

Caffeina is a newly opened 'Italian Bar' cafe situated in Tower Hill. Perfect for commuters and tourists alike, the authentic Italian food and drink are certainly one to draw in customers. After chatting to the Italian manager, I learned how along with the help of his family, he set up the friendly Caffeina coffee shop. It is their first to open in London after having seven years experience in the catering industry in his home country of Rome.

The interior of the cafe has a very rustic feel, with wooden benches, palettes and shelves and encourages a friendly environment with longer joined tables and benches seating up to 20 people.

They had a variety of baguettes on offer, all of which include some form of Italian ingredient. Taleggio cheese and Speck (smoked ham) from North Italy, Mozzarella from Bolognia and Provolone from the center of Italy. All the ingredients boast being organic and responsibly sourced and are made into super tasty combinations.
The menu is still changing as they learn what the English customer wants and an interesting adaptation they have created to our love of eggs, is an omlette baguette. Although originally skeptical about the idea, I found this to be one of my favourites combining some of their delicious ham and vegetables in a lovely crispy baguette roll.
Their menu also include different salads for those who want something lighter, and will soon be introducing fresh pasta onto their menu. Although many things are not suitable for celiacs at the moment, they are soon to be selling some gluten free cupcakes as well as their delicious chocolate biscuits (which are also suitable for diabetics). For an afternoon treat, they also have a tasty looking range of cakes to try, from pastries to muffins and tarts.
 Caffeina have many types of coffee on their menu, all made with the same blend of 80% Arrabiata and 20% Robusta coffee white create an elegant balance. The suppliers are an authentic Italian company who only sell to commercial businesses and therefore not available in retail shops. I tried a perfect summer blend of their 'Coffee Shaker' consisting of Iced Caramel Latte made with vanilla, coffee, milk, ice and caramel. With fresh juices also being made on premises, there is a drink for everyone!
A fun idea they have introduced to be aware of the environment is the 'Keep Cup', a re-useable cup where Caffeina take 10p off your drink everytime you bring it back for a re-fill. A great excuse to re-visit as well.
Outdoor seating would be a perfect addition for sunny days at this location, however they are still awaiting the lengthy council approval for it. Also in the pipe-line is an alcohol license, where they would then consider extending their opening hours to cater for business people on their way home.
I feel this place is one to watch out for. With friendly staff and tasty food, Caffeina certainly brings the taste of Italy to London.
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