Link Loves #3

I spend ages looking through blogs and love seeing what other people love as well. Here is my third instalment of some of the regular sites I look at and enjoy.

bloglovin'  I spend so much time reading blogs and going through my list of bookmarks that when I came across this site, I immediately fell in love. You put in all the blogs you normally follow, and it produces a personalised feed where you can easily navigate through all your favourite websites with one click. Perfect! You can follow mine here.
Rachel Phipps is someone who I found through bloglovin' and spent ages going through her posts where she explore places to eat in London, creates some tasty looking recipes and links up some other great bloggers.
The Londoner hosts a lifestyle blog, where we get to follow her on her adventures with some stunning photography and tasty looking food.
The Review Addict is a blog I read to see what new products are out there. They regularly review new items which are available from supermarkets as well as foreign food that is send or found in specialist shops. I love seeing and trying new things so it is great to see someone trying out the unusual food items.

What are your favourites?


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