Link Loves #4

Jack Monroe is a person after my own heart and has taught me a few tricks for cheaper food. Her recipes don't shy away from basics and the best thing I have learned is something stupidly simple. Instead of paying out for white beans at a premium, just wash some baked beans. Simple. It was this article that led me to her page that I found quite interesting.

I am not a mum...or anywhere near to being one, but I love Claire from the Witt family. The main thing that attracts me to her YouTube page is all the home cooking she does, and not being afraid to make things from scratch. She films her daily eats and compiles them in a weekly blog, showing the healthy homely food she serves her family.

Staying on the theme of money saving, I also love A Thrifty Mrs, who blogs about everything money relating, from great shop finds to DIY projects.

And finally, The English Kitchen is a great food blog, with regular uploads and review, it draws me back every day to see what new things have been posted. Marie doesn't have the fanciest photos or the swishest website, but she does know how to cook tasty looking food.


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