Prezzo Cheesecake & English Cheesecake Company

I recently visited a Prezzo with my girlfriends on a weekend away, and was upset that they didn't have any cheesecake available. Being fairly fussy with desserts, this meant I was unable to have a pudding and despite having a delicious main (penne con salmone), I was left a little disappointed. With a small mention on twitter, I was contacted by Prezzo and they asked for my details so they could send something to say sorry. I was surprised by their response and generosity when the English Cheesecake Company phoned me asking to arrange a delivery of a whole (!) cheesecake. The most annoying thing was that it came frozen so I couldn't eat it straight away!

Instead of sending a plain New York vanilla cheesecake, they sent one that was actually on the Prezzo menu, the Honeycomb smash. 'Our special recipe, smooth, creamy white chocolate cheesecake sits on a crunchy biscuit base, and is blended and topped with crunchy chocolate coated honeycomb pieces and drizzled with a delicious swirl of milk chocolate.'
The texture of the cheesecake was silky smooth and rich, but was nice to be broken with little pieces of honeycomb. Knowing that this is one of the cheesecakes on their normal menu, it would be one I will be sure to order in the future.

It was also interesting to be introduced to English Cheesecake as the range of desserts they can supply are amazing. Not only do they provide restaurants with mass amounts, you can also order single cakes or even wedding cheesecakes. Perfect for parties and specials occasions, they also cater for those who are gluten intolerant.
So thanks to Prezzo for providing me with a lovely treat! 


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