Restaurant Review - Honest Burger

Having heard many good things about Honest Burger, I was pleased when one opened in Market Street, London just around the corner from where I work. Having only a few menu items, it seems confident about it's food combinations and the simplicity is part of the attraction to many people.

We arrived just after 12, thinking we could beat the lunch rush, but there was already a queue forming out the door. We decided to opt for takeaway, which still incurred a 10/15 minute wait. The already popular establishment has limited seating on the top floor and outside, while the kitchen and takeaway area are located in the lower part of the building. This means that while you are waiting for your burger, you can watch the chefs at work preparing numerous tasty looking burgers.

Not being a beef fan, I opted for the chicken option which turned out to be simple but delicious. I enjoy burgers where the meat is still in its original form and not made into a shape, making it feel more like quality chicken. It came in a super soft delicious bun with mayo, lettuce and tomato. The chips were flavoured with rosemary (as standard) which were delicious but a few bites in, I realised they were quite salty.
My colleagues chose the beef burger which was enjoyed medium rare and also had raving reviews.
I think if you want a no-frills burger and don't mind waiting or taking your food away, then this place is great. Reflected in the name..they provide good tasting honest burgers.


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