WIAW 20 Bank Holiday Eats

How great is it when you have yet another Monday off for a bank holiday? I might start getting used to four day work weeks. These are my eats from the bank holiday.
As it was a bank holiday, my morning was far more relaxed and I actually had time to make myself something that wasn't peanut butter and toast! I found an English muffin in the freezer, I decided on a poached egg. My all time favourite way of eating eggs, as long as they are done properly and are still nice and runny in the middle. I never get a perfect shaped one, but it tastes good no matter what shape. I also managed to get some greens in my breakfast with a side of spinach. Yum.
As I was at home for lunch, I fancied something a little warm. I found some sliced chicken reduced in Morrisons for 25p (bargain!) so made myself a wrap. I used BBQ sauce, spinach, chicken, tomato and a bit of cheese then wrapped in foil and popped in the oven. I loved the crispy outside with a warm middle.

Snack was kiwi with natural yogurt to tie me over until dinner time.

Dinner was a piece of Hake I had in the freezer (found reduced to £1) It was a massive piece that made 3 portions. I breaded it and baked it (recipe coming soon) and it came out super moist and crunchy. Served with lots of greens.

I had a sneaky late night dessert of strawberry cheesecake (that the Mr bought) with some berries. I was in a hurry to eat this so the pic didn't come out too well.

This was my first WIAW using my phone for pictures. I don't think they are too bad, and it makes uploading and writing a post so my quicker and less faffy. Let me know what you think.

Thanks to Jenn at Peas and Crayons for hosting


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