Bodeans Soho Review

It is my boyfriends birthday this weekend and since I have been raving about Bodeans, he asked to go there and I was more than happy to oblige. It is a smokey BBQ meat extravaganza from BBQ chicken to pulled pork and burnt ends. We visited the Soho branch which is a two level restaurant just a short stroll from Oxford Circus.

Being a Friday evening I expected a pretty long wait for a table, but we managed to bag ourselves a table before the hour and half wait. We were taken downstairs into the more formal dining area (the top level seems to be a faster dining experience) and were given a whole booth to ourselves. The others ordered some of their different ales, but I opted for water not wanting to fill myself up on bubbles before the main event.
 I am not actually a large meat eater, but the chicken options are all really enticing. I have always had the chicken burger before and after knowing how good it is, I couldn't bring myself to try something different.
This hit the spot! I love the BBQ sauce with the chicken and fresh tomato and lettuce. Served with a BBQ mayo, the chips were also just the right amount of crunchiness for me. The only thing I would say about it is I normally enjoy coleslaw with burgers, and although other meals included it with the meal, it isn't included with the burgers.
Pete ordered the pulled pork and ribs combo which I had a little taste of. I wasn't a fan of the pork, but rather enjoyed the flavour of the smokey ribs.
Overall we had a great meal. I was impressed that my burger was only £7.25, and while the meat dishes were more, the portion sizes are huge and feel sides are not necessarily needed.
The BBQ sauce is my favourite and I smothered my whole meal in it, so am glad to say they are available to buy.
If you want somewhere a bit messy but tasty to eat, this is the place to do it. Make sure you get there early or you might have to face a wait, but it is worth enduring the delicious smells that waft out for a table.


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