My Kitchen Wish List

I live in a fairly small flat in London with limited kitchen space and while I have a few items I love, I would love to have more kitchen items to cook or prepare with. I already have a great blender which I love experimenting with, (an Omniblend...similar to the Vitamix, but cheaper) but this already takes a fairly large space on my side. However, by having this great product, I am itching to treat myself to some more bits and bobs. I can spend ages on my lunch break wandering around the Kitchen section of John Lewis admiring the many different products that are on sale.

Here are some things which have been put on my wish-list.

Jamie Oliver's Garlic Slice n' Press
My mum has recently bought one of these, and after giving it a try, I have been jealous ever since. It is really easy to use, and saves so much time by not having to peel the garlic before hand. It feels heavy duty and substation, unlike others which I have bought. I like the fact there is the option for crushed or sliced as well.

A Spiralizer
The idea of courgettes noodles really appeals to me, and they can't be done as well as a spiralizer. Even though I have never tried these, I think it would encourage me to eat more salads and vegetables in general.

I believe a really good knife does make the world of difference when preparing food in the kitchen. I bought a cheap set when I desperately needed some but have yet to purchase a decent set. I have heard good things about Sabatier knives, but honestly have no clue when it comes to what makes a good knife. Any suggestions?

Pasta Maker
After having attempted to make my own ravioli (I just couldn't roll it out thin enough...tasted great still though) I really wanted to get the proper gadget to try again. It is a messy process, but I think when it goes right, fresh pasta can be amazing and to have complete control of what goes into the filling is really attractive to me.

Pretty Plates
I would love to have a nice range of pretty plates and serving dishes. I am still using plates that I bought as a student and I remember them coming from Asda! They are just plain white, and very boring, so don't allow for an interesting food picture. It can also be a little embarrassing when guests come over and you don't have enough serving plates or they don't match. Saying that, I do not particularly want matching dishes, as I feel when they are all different with patterns, it creates more interest if they are not a set.!49!10!480096253!16381746532&ef_id=U5gyUgAABCFXeeuG:20140612112923:s

I am forever adding things to my wish list and have many boards on Pinterest with things I am eyeing up, it is just knowing which one to get first that isn't going to clutter my kitchen too much!


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