My Recent Eats

Since I have had my iPhone, I have enjoyed snapping my meals and thought I would share some of them with you.
When I recently visited my friend in Portsmouth, we visited the new Wagamama that has opened. I normally choose a noodle dish, but since I have learned how to make them myself, I feel reluctant to pay money to have them. Something I had never tried was the Katsu curry, so thought it was about time I tried it. The portion is pretty large, but I only left a little rice as it was so tasty.
My boyfriend came home with a load of eggs one day, but I had just bought some so thought we had better but them to good us. Luckily we had lots of veggies to eat so popped them in and served it with boiled veg on the side.
We had a Schwarz Tikka Masala flavour pot that was going out of date so had a curry one night. It is a 'shot' of herbs in oil that you fry before adding meat or vegetables and tinned tomatoes. It took a lot longer to reduce that it said, but that may have been because we had aubergine. We served it with cauliflower rice, so was much healthier. The sauce was ok in flavour, but I still prefer pre-made sauces that you only add chicken to. However I hope to learn how to make more authentic curries myself soon.
 My boyfriend was given a compliments card for Christmas from his work, and there were a couple of restaurants on the list that would accept them. We decided to try Pizza Express as it was somewhere we had never been to together before. I had the Toscana pizza, which was sausage, chilli, fennel with Gran Movaria cheese and basil on a thin crisp base. I prefer not to have pizza with liquid cheese so this was a good choice for me.
 This was one of my tasty lunches which had spinach, tomato, cucumber, red and orange peppers with grated cheddar cheese. It was quite a light lunch as I was heading out for a heavy BBQ American dinner so thought it was best to keep it healthy!
 I had leftover bolognese in the freezer that I wanted to use up, so added some vegetables to it and had it with huge tube pasta (I forget the name of it). I think the pasta is one you would normally stuff as it collapsed as it was cooked but still tasted delicious.
 And finally, this was another great pasta dish which was creamy and cheesy with less of the naughtiness. I used the amazing Tesco Finest Fusilli Linguine and served it with courgettes in a lemon yogurty sauce with a small amount of cheddar. Yum
I have eaten out a lot recently, but it allows me to try new things which is great! 
What have you been eating recently?


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