WIAW 26 Treat Day

Sunny weather makes me want to eat salad. And cakes. I assume they just cancel themselves out and can pretend I am eating healthy still!
As you know, my day always starts out with peanut butter and banana. Monday was no different, though my treat was a Blueberry bagel that I found reduced for 15p for a pack of four!
A colleague at work had just returned from a hen do in Paris (very swish) and kindly bought back some treats. I tried a little lemon tart which was very sweet and not actually that lemony.

Lunch was a mix of leftovers from Sunday's picnic in the sun. I had made a vast amount of tomato salsa which I had with leftover ham (from the bone and reduced in Tesco) with toasted thins, cucumber and more tomato on the side.

I also had some Vanilla and Blueberry muffins which were leftover...treat number two. These were homemade from a Mary Berry recipe which turned out really well. You can find my attempt here and the recipe here.
Dinner was my take on Ham Egg and chips. It was the rest of the picnic ham, with roasted sweet potato and parsnip, asparagus, peas and an egg. This was such a tasty meal, and felt like a treat even though it is still good!
Dessert a little later was strawberries and blueberries with some natural yogurt. Quite a few blueberries for one day, but I am pleased they are in season and the price of them is more reasonable.
Thanks to Jenn at Peas and Crayons for hosting as usual!


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