WIAW 5 a day Berries and Veggies

With my new love for BlogLovin, teamed with the many blogs I read through WIAW link ups, my list of regular blogs that I read has dramatically increased. Although this is great for looking at new ideas and being inspired, it means I spend far too much time reading food blogs. And Wednesdays is always a popular upload day for WIAW, so am looking forward to a large list to get through today!
Breakfast started out the same as always with banana, peanut butter on toast. This was a fruity bread, which was maybe a little too sweet for breakfast?

Lunch was a wrap (which I found for 40p in Co-Op) with some jarred red peppers and Mayfair cheese from Borough Market that my parents treated me to at the weekend. It is smooth and a little nutty, which is delicious!

I had a side of vegetable crisps which consisted of sweet parsnip, carrot and beetroot and were rosemary flavoured. This are so moreish, and I was pretty glad I bought them to work in a pot otherwise I could have devoured the whole bag.
My afternoon snack was some delicious Strawberries and blueberries fresh from Borough Market. They were the sweetest blueberries I have ever tasted and am pretty glad I bought a large punnet of them.
For Dinner, I made something from a BBC Good Food Recipe, 5 a day Tagine. Packed with veggies and served with cous cous, this was a great dinner that provided lots of leftovers. You can see the recipe here.
For a naughty desert, I had a piece of lemon tart with some more berries. I found it reduced in Co-Op but sadly didn't like it. It was from their finest selection and tasted quite custard-y to me. I prefer tarts which have a very strong flavour of citrus, but unfortunately this didn't deliver. So I gave it to Pete and just enjoyed the fruit! Not so naughty after-all.
Have you ever been dissapointed with something you were excited to eat?
Thanks to Peas and Crayons for hosting


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