The Diner review

American diners are becoming increasing popular around London and there seems to be a trend in trying to find the best burger in town. I work near Oxford Circus and there are plenty of places within reach where you can grab a burger..and that is what we like to do to celebrate a colleagues birthday. This time it was to try out The Diner in Soho. There is a large menu including all day breakfast, burgers, hot dogs amongst other American favourites such as Mac and Cheese.
As always, I could not resist choosing something BBQ flavour, so went for BBQ Chicken burger. It came it lettuce, coleslaw and pickles. I didn't realise how much I love pickles and they now make an appearance in my cupboards at home!
As a group we order a mix of sides including onion rings (yum), sweet potato fries, skinny fries, and my surprising favourite, wet fries. The gravy was really thick and tasty and I could have just eaten the whole thing as a main.

I am not a hot dog fan, but they received great reviews and the portion size was very generous!
I slurped my food down with a delicious drink of Peach Iced Tea which was lovely and refreshing. I did enjoy my meal at The Diner, but I don't think it was the best flavour BBQ I have ever tried. I loved the extras you get in the burger and the sides were great, but I think Bodeans may still be the top for me!


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