WIAW 27 Trying Trout

This week was definitely a week of bargains. I came back from a lovely weekend with my parents, where I visited Goodwood and generally had a nice relaxing time. It meant my fridge was a bit bare, so went on a shopping trip after work and found loads of great bargains. Here is what I did with them...
First off on Monday, I started with bagels (24p for 5) topped with the usual peanut butter and banana.

Lunch was some warburtons thins with a salad of carrot, cucumber, tomatoes and cheese topped with salad cream.
I finished lunch off with a couple of flat peaches. I love that these are in season now, and are currently £1 for 6 of them in Tesco.

For my afternoon snack, I had another reduced item. Carrot sticks with a roasted red pepper dip which I found at the bargain price of 10p. 

Just before I left work for my mile walk home, I had a handful of nuts, which I forgot to photograph.
Dinner was an amazing creation using my favourite bargain of the shopping trip. I found some Tesco finest smoked trout for 50p (instead of £5) and made a potato, green bean and pea salad to go with it. I topped it with a homemade sauce of natural yogurt, lemon juice, salt pepper and horseradish.

It was one of my favourite dinners I have made recently and definitely one to remember for future. I love finding new stuff reduced as it enables me to try new foods that I wouldn't normally purchase.
Have you ever discovered a new favourite food by accident?
Thanks to Peas and Crayons for hosting.


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